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Your 401k - It's Not a Retirement "Plan!"

By Robert & Deanna Goldsmith

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” It’s used to describe a system where individual elements work together to produce a greater effect—which is exactly what you’ll need from your retirement plan. However, the best retirement plans do NOT rely on just one account or One savings vehicle!

To achieve the results that you desire retirement planning will take a combination of elements. A plan that meets your needs throughout your lifetime. More importantly, a combination that works cohesively, like a cog in a machine, not as the “Lone Ranger.” Relying only on your 401K and/or Social Security, will cost you way more than you realize.

“What You Don’t Know, WILL Hurt You!”

If you’re counting only on your 401K and/or Social Security Benefits as primary sources of income during retirement, and you haven’t coordinated your income with the other important events that occur during your retirement, you maybe in for a rude awakening! Particularly, on the day you realize that the end results you receive will likely leave large sums of your money on the table—money that could have been in your pockets! Money you are unwittingly sending to the IRS or that is being retained by your financial services company instead of your own bank account! Money you can never get back.


Because there are many elements that must be included in your retirement strategy. Elements, that need to be coordinated with your 401k & Social Security to work as one. And, more often than not, this is the one missing piece of your portfolio. So, how do you avoid making this mistake? Work with a Professional, because “Retirement is not a DIY project!”

The Root of The Problem!

While most consumers (and, some advisors) tend to focus only on the accumulation of assets, the proper distribution (how you receive your funds back as an income) is equally, or sometimes even more important. And, it may just be one of the biggest defects in most financial plans. Of course, we don’t have room to cover all the components necessary so instead, we created a brief list of items that we feel you should consider that can help you maximize your income and minimize your taxes.

  1. a. Eliminate risk to your principal,

  2. b. Create an INCREASING income from a Depreciating Asset

  3. c. Be Prepared in the event of a major or chronic (similar to long term care) illness!

  4. d. Maximize Social Security Benefits by making them Income Tax-Free

  5. e. Leave an income tax-free legacy to your heirs?

And, accomplish all of this with ZERO out of pocket costs.

That means... No Fees or Expenses deducted from your Accounts!

It's time for a Retirement plan review (regardless of your age) to learn if you're on track to reach your retirement goals, or, if you are already retired, to learn if there are methods that can improve your income, while taking the risk out of your life's savings!

Questions? Want us to design your plan? Email us at Financial411@Att.Net or

call 1-805-857-1143. Excerpts from the book “From Diapers to It Depends!” TM.

For Informational Purposes only. Ca License 0814471/0D99734


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