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Who Are You Saving Your Retirement Dollars for ... Yourself, Your Kids, or Your Uncle Sam?

If you believe you're Paying Too Much in Taxes Just wait until you retire?

What you may not be aware of is, that when you reach retirement, you may lose many of the tax deductions you enjoyed during your working years. Deductions such as home mortgage interest, dependents, employee expenses, and of course, any retirement plan contributions. Plus, if you were also a business owner, you can lose even more. Therefore, during retirement, it is possible, that although you may have less total income, your “TAXABLE” income may be just as high or higher! This may require you to pay taxes on up to 85% of your Social Security benefits as well.

As a result, if you don’t prepare NOW those excessive taxes may reduce your spendable income during retirement... dramatically! Even worse, you may wind up outliving your money!

These include plans that offer:

· Access to Indexes that track the growth of Silver & Gold

· Actual Silver and Gold Investments

· Life Insurance that protects YOU in the event of a critical or chronic illness.

· Annuities that provide lifetime income & that can also increase thought- out your life.

· Lump-sum that provides lifetime incomes and increasing death benefits to protect loved ones (especially good for the uninsurable or for older ages where insurance costs can increase dramatically (Income + Protection)

· Did we mention Low-Cost Healthcare benefits with virtually no deductible.

Together we can help you Qualify for your greatest income during your Golden Years!

For more information contact:

Robert Goldsmith -1-877-529-6543 /


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