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When Should you Turn On Your Social Security Benefits?

Social Security offers you much more than your retirement benefits. There are, for example, disability benefits, spousal benefits, survivor benefits, children's benefits, and supplemental benefits if you're 65 or older and blind or disabled. You may qualify for more than you expected.


Wondering when is the best time to begin Receiving Your Social Security Benefits . . . Having Those funds Sooner Rather than Later Sounds Pretty Cool, but will that Really be your best approach? The answer depends on several things, such as:

  1. Your Life Expectancy (current health) . . .  

  2. Your Marital Status . . . 

  3. Your Level of Qualified Income . . . 

  4. Will You work Between Age 62 & Your Full Retirement Age?

  5. Other Sources of Income During Retirement

Take our 60-Second Quiz and  Learn How Much You Really Understand About How Social Security Works! 

Plus, Receive a Free Copy of 2021 Social Security Claiming Guide & How Each of These Components May Impact You & Your Family.

Just One of These Factors Can Have a Huge Impact! 


You Decide When to Begin Receiving Your
Social Security Benefits

Deciding when to begin collecting benefits is a personal decision that you will make with your financial professional. Everybody’s situation is different because there are so many factors involved.

Don’t forget to take a long view. Americans are living longer than ever. It is estimated we’ve added nearly 30 years to the average life expectancy in a single century, and now the Social Security Administration expects a man currently 65 to live to be 84, while a woman the same age today can expect to live past 86. But, about one out of four adults 65 today will live past 90, and one in 10 will live past 95.

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