September is Life Insurance Awarness Month

Danica Patrick

You my know Danica Patrick as a Professional Race Car Driver.

Driving race cars for a  living means going 200 miles an hour around a tract with concrete walls. I know the risks, which is why I've has life insurance sine the start of my career, But that's not  the only reason I own it.

As a teenager both my parents loss their fathers, Neither had life insurance. My mom was  one of five kids, and remembers her mom having to sell of most of  the family farm as a result, So my parents made sure that they had coverage to take car of my sister and me in case something happened to them.

But so many people are taking an unnecessary risk by not protecting their  families with that financial safety net. It means your loved ones would suffer financially if something happened to you.

It's time to protect your family's financial future. 

Anthony Anderson’s Personal Story

You may know Anthony Anderson from his hit TV show Black-ish and as host of Eating America (as well as his many movie roles).

As a young boy growing up in Compton, Calif., Anderson saw the importance his family placed on life insurance. While his parents didn’t have much, they did have Mary—or as Anthony’s family called her, ‘The Insurance Lady.’ Mary was a fixture in the Anderson home, visiting the family throughout the year to review and update his parents’ life insurance policies. She even sold Anthony his first life insurance policy when he turned 18.


Now, a husband and a father, Anthony understands why his parents made life insurance a priority, and has made it a priority for his family to be protected.


“Even on their limited income, my mom and dad instilled upon all of us the importance of planning for the future and the fact that tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone,” Anderson says. “I know how hard it is to lose someone you love. An accident took my brother when he was 26 and shortly after, I lost my father to diabetes, a disease I, myself, live with today. It was rough getting through those deaths, but the fact that they both had life insurance made it so much easier.”