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Did you know Monday is National Retirement Security Week?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Starting on October 18, we begin to observe

National Retirement Security Week!

It's the one week each year dedicated to raising public awareness about the importance of Saving for Your Retirement.

October is a time of year known for Cider mills, Halloween, Brisk walks and changing leaves among the crisp autumn air.  However, aside from all of those things, October is also known for National Retirement Security Week.

Say What?

That’s right...I said, National Retirement Security Week, and what you may not realize, is that it has been around since 2006.

One of the best reasons why this time of year makes the most sense to review your retirement strategy is that there are more than two months left before the New Year... the time it takes to do adequate financial homework.

The fact is, that no matter how much planning you have done for retirement, life can always throw you a curveball. For Example, the economic effects of the coronavirus have forced many people into considering the acceleration of their own timeline to retirement. Especially if you were planning to retire within the next few years. And, if you have been laid off or forced into early retirement there will NEVER be a Better time than now to revisit your options.

And of course, If you have not started a retirement plan, then start now, because the one thing you can never replace is the time it takes to grow your savings. If you're unaware of how and or where to begin we can help.

For example, if your employer is currently offering matching contributions in their 401K, jump on it. If not, maybe it's time to create your own pension plan and one that potentially offer an increasing income or an income tax-free option. It's often just a few small changes that can add up dramatically over time.

What you do today, can make a difference in your tomorrow?

Robert & Deanna Goldsmith




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