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What Goes Up, Must Come Down . . . Except When It Doesn't Have To!

Have you ever heard the expression, What Goes Up, Must Come Down?"

Of course, you have!

And, then can you say, "It's happening again . . . Right Now!" And, dare I say, "I told you so!"

For those of you that have continuously suggested over the last 3-4 years, that; "I've made it all back or that "it will always come back," the most interesting thing about the market, is that most of us wait too long. Greed sets in, as we hope & pray that the market will continue upwards.

The truth is, that the growth in your accounts in your old 401k's and IRA's are only your money, "IF", you chose to capture the gain. If you didn't, not only, did you "play" the market (aka, the world's largest casino) and very likely lose some of your value; but to add "insult to injury," you paid the manager's fees right out of your account value. And, you paid it on that "temporarily" higher balance as well.

For years, I have been sharing with many of you how new opportunities (the ones I provide) allow you to continue to participate w/the market, and obtain interests credits based on the gains of a particular market when it goes up, but without ever risking your principal - EVER when it drops. To repeat, when the market goes up, they credit your account with gains, but when it drops, you never lose any of your principal.

Today, a Texas' advisor whose focus was on investments actually invested "in" the market committed suicide. The speculation is that the recent downturn in the market may have triggered an array of disgruntled clients, and the advisor decided he could no longer handle his client's disappointments and his unfulfilled promises. I have been doing this for three decades, and I never receive those disgruntled client calls, because they don't ever lose their money.

With all the upheavals that face this world and our economy, I have only one more question:

Are you ready to capture your gains and cease risking your principal, your retirement, and your future to wall street? Call me today, you have everything to gain and Nothing to lose! Call me asap at 1-877-529-6543


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We Value the opportunity to discuss methods we can employ (generally, rarely employed by many advisors) with regards to how we can help you strengthen your financial future. Please contact us today to schedule a free - no cost, no-obligation strategy session.

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