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Leave a Lasting Legacy

Avoid Estate Planning Fatigue

Often times, people think that estate planning is only beneficial to the rich and famous individuals whose assets exceed the federal estate tax exemption amount.

While it is true that estate planning is helpful for famous or extremely wealthy individuals, the advantages of estate planning are not limited to them.

People of any age or financial circumstances will benefit from setting up a sound estate plan. Regardless of your level of wealth, the failure to establish an estate plan can be detrimental to your family.

The purpose of estate planning is to prepare the transfer of your assets to others upon your death. Without a comprehensive estate plan, a significant part of your retirement assets accumulated over the years through work and investments can be lost or given to unintended beneficiaries – or taxed away by the government in the form of heavy estate taxes and probate costs.

Preserving wealth from one generation to the next can be complex and time-consuming. By utilizing our proprietary process, we can help you develop a wealth transfer strategy that will reduce estate taxes while pursuing specific legacy and charitable giving goals.


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We Value the opportunity to discuss methods we can employ (generally, rarely employed by many advisors) with regards to how we can help you strengthen your financial future. Please contact us today to schedule a free - no cost, no-obligation strategy session.

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