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French & Friends

With Your Host Daniel French

With Robert Goldsmith


What is Bitcoin?

Good thing or bad thing?

What is BitcoinFrench & Friends
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Long Term Thinking!

15 Year Mortgage or 30 Year Mortgage?

Mortgages - Long term thinkingFrench & Friends
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Taxes in Retirement!

Do you know the difference between qualified and non-qualified money?

Taxes in RetirementFrench & Friends
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Misguided Complacency

Where will your assets go? When was the last time you had a Beneficiary Review?

Misguided ComplacencyFrench & Friends
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How safe is your money

Do you know when it is your turn to get in and out of the market?

How is your retirement doing_French & Friends
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Did you know September is Life Insurance Awareness Month?

No one likes to think about death of a loved one, but the truth is no one wants that loved one's family to suffer financially upon their deaith. 

Life Insurance Awareness monthFrench & Friends
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Money is nothing more than a tool!

We need to think about how we are using are money from day to day.

Money is nothing more than a toolFrench & Friends
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