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Life insurance helps your employees and their families stay financially protected and better prepared.

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Group term life insurance provides a solid foundation for a comprehensive employee benefits program that is subsidized by the government in the form of valuable tax incentives to employers as well as employees.

Consider the employee benefits you offer. Do you count life insurance among them?

It’s a key benefit to help you attract and keep quality employees. When candidates are searching for a new job, benefits are a main differentiator, and prospective employees tend to consider a position’s benefits before they apply. That includes life insurance. Whether you cover the premium or offer employee-paid, voluntary life insurance, group rates make coverage through an employer an affordable option for employees. Including life insurance in your benefits package can make you stand out against organizations competing for the same candidates—and help you hold on to the good employees you’ve already hired.

  • When is the right time?
  • Affordability?
  • Financial planning needs?
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