401(K) PLANS

Explore a new 401(k) today as a valuable benefit for your Business.

A 401(k) plan can be a poweful tool in promoting

Financial Security During Retirement!

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Does Your Business Need Additional Tax Deductions 
That can help both You & Your Employees?
  • Is it costing you money NOT to have a corp. retirement plan?
  • Does you business have all the Tax Deductions it needs?

  • Do you have all the Retirement Income you need?

  • Ar you looking for a way to Attract and Keep Key Employees?

Could your business benefit from a customized business owned retirement plan?


We offer a variety of plans to structure a retirement program to fit you needs... Including:

  • 412 (e)(3) Defines Benefit Plans

  • Traditional Defined Benefit Plans

  • New Comparability Profit Sharing Plans

  • 401(k) Plans (including Safe Harbor Plans)

  • Executive Carve Outs

  • Key Man Coverages

  • Tax-Free Retirements with NO government Intervention

  • And More!

Once you have chosen the type o fplan, you can choose the plan features that meet. your specific requirements, these features include but are not limited to:

  • Eligibility Requirements

  • Vesting Schedules

  • Loan Provions

Innovative designs can be structured for either a new retirement program or a takeover of an existing plan. Also included is a full administration package, customer focused service, technology support and a wide range of funding options.

A Customized Opportunity

Let us help you find a variation of these plan designs that could help you convert current taxes into assets, defer tax payments, and generate the retirement income you desire. 

Each individual has and a unique set of needs  and considerations We take into account succession. such issues as:

  • Estate planning

  • Current income

  • Tax objectives

  • Family business

  • Transfer of wealth to the next generation

This initial discovery phase can help us determine which type of retirement plans may best meet your objectives. Once the plan type is chosen, we can also recommend the best way to implement and administer the plan to meet your retirement needs.

From the case design to product fulfillment to annual administration,we can handle the complete package to give you peace of mind, leaving you to do what you do best - running your business.

Our package includes:

  • Plan Design

  • Plan Documents

  • Investment Advice available through Morningstar® for 401(k) plans

  • Administration

  • Daily valuations and internet access for 401(k) plans

  • Plan Funding


There is no fee for this discovery and design process, but there could be a cost—the cost of continuing to pay taxes that could work for you and your small business in achieving your financial goals.