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No one really wants to think about life insurance...

But if someone depends on you financially, it’s a topic you can’t avoid. 

Life Comes with Risks -A national study found that 62.1% of bankruptcies were attributable to major medical expenses. Whether it is a critical illness, a chronic illness or even the terminal illness of a loved one, these tragedies can drain the entire family emotionally and financially.


When illness strikes, work is lost and paychecks may be diminished or eliminated. In addition, expenses associated with hospital stays, treatment, medications, caregiver therapy, and other potential medical expenses can compound your financial stress.


No one expects such events, but we can plan for them. We can help protect ourselves from the financial impact of these and other catastrophic events so that when they occur we have options that can help preserve our net worth and meet these enormous financial needs.


One way to protect these needs is through Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Real Life Stories of How Our Life Insurance with Living Benefits Helped to Save Our Clients! 

Iliana Julio



Initially, I was hesitant to even consider using a "life insurance policy" for savings, I mean, after all, we've all heard it said, that "life insurance is for death protection, not for savings."  However, having worked with my advisor Robert Goldsmith for more than a decade and knowing that every decision we've ever made together (both as an investor and for my life insurance) has worked out extraordinarily well I trusted Robert would only lead me on the right path. 


Having spent the time to educate me, that every one of the investments we had previously were going to be taxed fully in retirement, he shared with me, that we could use a life insurance plan to set me up with greater flexibility in retirement. I listened and I did. And, while all the plans we have made for accumulation over our relationship has performed extraordinarily well, this is not what I am here to share with you today. 


You see, the plan I used for my alternative retirement savings, included benefits in the unlikely event of a critical illness. Something you will NEVER get from an investment broker. And, unfortunately, that (a critical illness) happened to me. 


Today, I am still battling what was totally an unforeseen illness. An illness no one typically prepares for. However, the plan Robert set me up to assist with my retirement has now become a plan to help me be able to financially fight my illness and the financial challenges I must endure today, not in retirement. 


Unfortunately, less than 2 years into my plan, I was diagnosed with an illness that tested the limits of my medical insurance and more importantly, my ability to earn a living.  Robert explained to me, that the plan we designed for my retirement as an alternative, was also a plan that protected me for something like this.  As soon as I talked with him, he helped me file the proper forms, get the records from my medical providers, and as a result of his efforts and expertise, I was able to receive $92,000 from a life insurance policy to help me through these tough times. 


While I am still battling this illness which I fully expect to recover from, this life (retirement) plan has reduced my financial stress dramatically. And, when you are fighting an illness such as mine, the less stress you have in your life, the easier this can be.  I thank GOD every day for having someone like Robert in my life. 


Herman Vasquez

Whittier, Ca

When I originally purchased my term life plan, it was done so only to take care of my family financially in the event of my passing.  What I never realized, was that the plan I bought for them, would actually take care of me. 


The plan I purchased from Robert, not only provided protection for my family but covered me in the event of a critical health illness. As fate would have it, I was stricken with an illness that had not only challenged my health but forced me out of work. The devastation of major medical bills (not all covered by medical insurance) but the strain & stress of no money as I was no longer being able to work.


Thank God, Robert called me one day just to see how I was doing. Once I explained to him my circumstances, he explained to me, how every plan he offers provides benefit beyond just death protection. Robert went right to work for me that day, and to my surprise, he was able to work with me to obtain (unbelievably) $125,000 to help me through this unfortunate circumstance. And, to my surprise,  I still have most of my insurance available for my family should life take its uncertain twists.  


Please... If someone ever tells you "all agents and all insurance policies do the same thing!" YOU absolutely have them reach out to (my hero and financial professional), Robert Goldsmith.  His number is 877-529-6543.  There is a difference and it can be life-altering. 


Stacie Starkey bought a Quality of Life Insurance policy from American General Life Insurance Company in 2005. In November of that year, she was diagnosed with invasive cancer at age 39.

After discussing her qualifying critical illness and her options with her agent, she chose to “accelerate” her life insurance benefit under an accelerated benefit rider included for no additional premium cost in her Quality of Life...Insurance policy.


Stacie accelerated $100,000 of her life insurance benefit and accepted the company’s offer of $80,402 in cash today instead of the full life insurance payment at her death.


“Because of the Quality of Life Insurance policy that we carried, I was able to get the best treatment instead of stopping to think about the cost of the treatment – that was never an issue.”


Stacie was able to leave a high-stress job and spend more time with her family. Her husband was also able to make a career change because he didn’t have to worry about how the family was going to make ends meet while Stacie was receiving treatment.



“My husband was able to be there and help take care of me when I was recovering. I don’t know if he could have afforded to do that without the Quality of Life policy and the benefits it offered.”


Stacie’s Quality of Life Insurance policy allowed her to do even more than just focus on her treatment. Because Quality of Life Insurance allowed her to decide how to spend her benefits, Stacie and her husband were able to use the $80,402 for whatever they preferred – not only for medical needs.


“I would recommend Quality of Life to anybody that doesn’t have it already...It’s a great policy to have, and you don’t have to die to benefit from this.”


Stacie Starkey

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