With money, comes questions. From how to maximize your income to determining the appropriate accumulation strategy —it can be a lot to think about. We’re by your side to help you feel confident about your money.


So, whether you're in need of retirement planning, an insurance update or review, Social Security advice, college prep, or a complete makeover, we are committed to help you navigate your options to ensure you have a comfortable and confident  future.

Your Financial goals and needs are unique to you. Instead of offering generic services and solutions, we tailor our service to you



 For over 35 years, our clients have trusted us to help them make smart decisions for their financial future. 

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So, what's your GPS telling you? Are you tracking a course towards prosperity or are you going in circles? We think of Financial GPS planning as the map that guides you through life's journey. After all, without a map, how would you know where you are going? At Financial 411 we establish where you are today and where you want to go in order to determine how best to avoid roadblocks. 

Activate your GPS

(Getting to know you)


Our Initial Meeting has very little to do with most things financial, but more so most things you. Our objective is to get to know you, your spouse, your family. We want to know more about your occupation, your lifestyle, your current, & expectation for the future. It is our belief that the more we know about you & your family, the more accurate we can be when designing a plan that fits YOU. At this time we will provide you with our comprehensive inventory forms which includes your goals & objectives and ask for it to be completed prior to our next meeting. 

Starting Point

(Taking Inventory)


In our second meeting is where we review your inventory, your expected plans or anticipations prior to us meeting and then we discuss your goals, your needs, and desire for the future.  We gather  your data, statements, and information about your current financial situation. We review your present course and it appropriate chart a course towards your retirement destination.

Here we may discuss some points or features you may not have considered and bring to light how to move forward completely. 

Planning your Route

(Analysis & Design)


During the time between meetings is when  we go to work developing a clear and customized comprehensive plan to meet all your objectives.  Create a financial strategy to maximize the efficiency of your life's work and savings by minimizing the effects of taxes in retirement as we create a guaranteed income for life.         

GPS Implementation
(Outline the plan)


Phase 4 is where we follow through with the implementation of any adjustments, complete forms and set up your accounts to steer you toward your goal

Staying on Course
(Take action on the plan)


Review of your plan design, confirmation that we have implemented all the options and goals that you wanted. Once you are satisfied with your strategy, our team of professionals will put your plan into action!

GPS Tune-up
(Reviews & Follow-up)


We understand that both your life and the financial markets can change over time. We'll continually work with you to review your strategy and determine if any changes are needed along the way. Our goal is to help you stay on track to achieve what's most important to you.





Planning for retirement can be overwhelming,

If you don't know where to start, we're here to help.

 Is it Too Early to Plan for  Your Financial Future? 


The fact is, It is never too early to begin your retirement plan. The sooner you start, perhaps the sooner you can retire. And, if you haven't begun a plan, then, NOW is the time to start to plan for your future and you know what...?

It's easier than you may think.

Is your Financial Plan Strong Enough?


You’re in the latter half of your career. Your financial outlook is becoming clearer. This is the time to revisit your financial plan and really take a look at what you can do to help transition into retirement as smoothly as possible.

Are your retirement assets enough... Are they protected?


You’ve done your job, you have earned your time for leisure, and you've raised your family right. Are you retirement ready without having to be financially dependent on others.

Let's Connect Today

We Value the opportunity to discuss methods we can employ (generally, rarely employed by many advisors) with regards to how we can help you strengthen your financial future. Please contact us today to schedule a free - no cost, no-obligation strategy session.







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