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Robert Goldsmith - The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors

Awards Gala in Hollywood, CA 

Robert on Success Today with host Bob Guiney,

"The Bachelor" Season 4

The theme for our show for August is "Leadership."

Our Special Guest - ROBERT GOLDSMITH has more than 35 years of Experience in Sales, Insurance, Real Estate,  Banking & Financial Services and built & coached an organization of over 1800 advisors and that takes Quality Leadership. Robert is now an Enter-Training sought-after speaker, motivator, trainer & financial coach.

Goldsmith’s main concern is the exorbitant $60 million cost. on building "A Bus Barn" that will not assist in our children's development, pay more for quality teachers, or better outfit the school police.  Robert points out the possible health hazards the proposed structure's design may cause to nearby, schools, residents and medical facilities. 

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Your Financial GPS Guide

"From Diapers to It-Depends"

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