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Notebooks are a new feature and you need to sign up for an account. You will be able to read, write, and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks in your web browser and Kaggle will host your notebooks in the cloud. ## **Exercise** First, let's look at an example of a data source. Download the file as shown in the next section. 1. Upload the file `package.json` from the GitHub repository to the Notebook Server and let's examine it. $! **kvsniff package.json** { "name": "package.json", "engines": { "node": "6.2.1" }, "scripts": { "postinstall": "typings install", "typings": "typings install" "dependencies": { "kvstore": "1.2.1", "lodash": "4.17.5", "request": "2.88.0" "devDependencies": { "typings": "1.3.2" } } We can now verify the version number and dependencies by running `kvsniff`: $ **kvsniff -v** kvsniff version 1.1.2 License MIT TypeScript Version 2.4.2 Node Version 6.2.1 Input Formats CSV Output Formats TSV Supported data sources CSV, TS




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AnsiPaintInRalEquivalent balanc

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