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Financial coaching emphasizes the behavioral side of finance, such as how money decisions impact people's lives.


What Is a MONEY Coach?

Think of a MONEY coach like a personal trainer, whose job is to help you discuss, establish and uphold positive routines, much like a personal trainer would help you understand your relationship with food and exercise, creates strategies to prevent your natural desires from derailing your efforts, and encourages you to stick to your plan, a financial coach does the same for your finances.  


Money Coaches are here to help you establish a positive relationship with money and determine what your natural motivations are towards saving, spending, and how, when, and why. Then we work on building accountability into your decisions going forward.  The goal is to keep you on track from day to day and offer encouraging small successes leading to much larger success. 



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What if I told you, I could teach you how to come up with a sound budget, help you decide where you want your money to go, and guide you to re-examine your priorities? 

What if I could also help you heal your relationship with money, get out of debt, and fill you with hope for the future? 

As a coach and someone who has been where you are, we will come up with a plan to make your money work for you and NOT the other way around. 

​​​​​By working together, I can help you achieve your dreams and fulfill your goals! 


Here's what you get:

  • A snapshot of your financial state of affairs. 

  • An hour-long conversation via phone or in-person (if applicable) to come up with a plan just for you.

  • Two follow-up emails with everything we talked about,  including your goals and your plan.

  • A  Frozen Pennies Debt Freedom Planner right to your inbox.

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