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Robert Goldsmith 

Having lost my father unexpectedly,  I was forced into the workplace at an early age to help mom pay the bills & support the family. Unfortunately, my parents never had a financial plan. So, If you believe in "Divine Intervention  . . . " I know this was the plan God had in store for me. And, over these last 30-years I know we've served well, helping thousands of families across the country (directly & indirectly), through our own personal experience & with our professional advisor coaching program.

 Having created The Financial 411 - Advisor Development plan for agents, I have spent many hours each week educating & training (soon to be) financial professionals to learn how to create "Unique & Specialized" strategies to assist their clients in all areas of  one's Financial life.  This includes . . . Accumulation at market-like rates, but without risking your principal." Ideas to help lower Tax Obligations. College Funding alternatives (to the traditional plans) that allow you to maintain total control of the assets!   In addition, there is the Life Insurance option that pays for you to live, not just someone else when you die. Oh, and Did I mention our Consumer Financial Literacy Workshops referred to as "Financial Fitness for your future."

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Everything we do & every plan we design is completed with you in mind, to help individuals. Small businesses and their employees maximize the efficiency of their hard-earned money . . . Both now & in the future. 

We devote our time & expertise to make certain all of our clients understand the "pros & cons" of every decision made, each & every day. What you'll find, is that we are not "pitchmen" pushing products or an ideology, we are financial professionals that take all your of financial circumstances into consideration before you make any alterations. It's the only sensible way to do this. Together we will put you on the right track for  your "Today & Tomorrow." 

With over 35 years of experience (when most advisors don't survive even two), you can be sure when it comes to your financial life; we have your best interest at heart, or we would have never lasted this long! It's our Fiduciary responsibility!

- Robert Goldsmith
Deanna Goldsmith 

Recognizing that woman are often left out of many of the "major" financial decisions, should our spouse pass on prematurely we are often left in financial disarray.  This is in spite of the fact that we will on average outlive our husbands by 15 years.  As a result, we need to not only be involved in these decisions, but we should be a vital part of the planning.  I know of this first hand having lost my first husband to a tragedy at a very young age in my life as well,


As a result, I wanted to help develop a firm where women are relevant. I also recognized that many women are looking for information from other women, and not necessarily salespeople. They prefer real world advice from knowledgeable trusted professionals.  It may help you to know that we always request & encourage that both spouses be present whenever we are discussing your financial situation with any of our advisors. 


Because What You Don't Know, Can Hurt You!


As a result, We are always conducting financial educational programs just for women and encourage you to contact us to discuss a possible career at Financial 411.   Check out Careers for women at our sister company, Advisors Integrity Financial Group. 

"When you do good for people, it doesn't feel like work; it's a passion. When you make a difference in the lives of others, you enrich your life simultaneously."

- Deanna Goldsmith 

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