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Unfortunately, many people are still running around recklessly with ZERO healthcare benefits, when they don't have to.  Why? Because they are simply unaware of how easy it can be have access to one of the most consumer friendly, comprehensive plans that is way ahead of it's time.  Actually we call it our "Back to the Future" plan, it's the way healthcare was always meant to be.   And, with the rising cost, health insurance alone, there is no doubt this is the plan who's time has come. And, good news, it doesn't require an enrollment period at all, You can qualify most anytime.  Is it affordable you ask?  You, your spouse, and your dependent children can enroll in our alternative anytime for only $150  a month/ $450 per family... and it's protection is available in all 50 states and around the world.  

Our Faith Based Alternaives

  • Doesn’t reject new members if they have a health condition

  • Doesn’t increase rates on members who suffer a costly illness

  • Doesn’t “cancel” anyone’s membership because of a costly health condition

  • Doesn’t set rates based on a member’s age, health status, or geographic location

  • Has programs to help members with costs for pre-existing conditions

  • Offers a catastrophic illness cost-sharing program (Brother’s Keeper) that assists members with health care costs over $125,000

  • Meets each of the qualifications set forth for health cost sharing ministries in the U.S. healthcare legislation

  • Enroll Today at www.ChristianHealthcare.US 

Recieve a $3,000 Accident Insurance Policy free for the first year and then continue at only $10 per year thereafter.  Plus when you enroll we provide a Free financial plan design $497 value, when you enroll online using the link  below:


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