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Why Risk your Hard-earned money to The volatility of Wall Street as your brokers earn commissions year after year while deducting Fees & Expenses To Boot!.


Today, you can achieve returns comparable to a Market index while protecting 100% of your Principal and then create an income during retirement that you can't outlive.

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Where Are You Today With Your Retirement?

A secure and comfortable retirement is every person's dream. However, because we're living longer and healthier lives, we should anticipate spending more, time in retirement than our parents and grandparents did before. So, here's a question you need to consider;

Is your Financial GPS set on the right course, or have you left it on

auto-pilot... potentially set for a financial disaster? 


NOTE: IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY TO PLAN FOR RETIREMENT, and... The Sooner You Start, the Less You Will Contribute & The More You Will Have.  If You've already Begun to save, then, let us help you learn how to make the proper adjustments that can make a difference in this ever-changing changing financial environment. 

What Questions Should You Be Asking Your Advisor?

While managing finances on your own may seem practical, the wrong information may cost you thousands. That is why it is usually helpful to enlist the assistance of a qualified financial professional. And . . . in many cases it will cost you ZERO to do so.


A Financial Professional can be as important an ally as a great doctor when you strive to secure your own financial future.



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It's Never Too Late to Start Preparing For Your Future!

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Financial 411

Let's face it; when it boils down to it, It really is all about the "money honey." And, it's never too late to know how to use money to enrich your life. The only thing you can do wrong is to Blow It! 

When was the last time you had your Financial Check-up?

Just as a health checkup measures your height, weight, cholesterol, and Blood Pressure . . .

A Financial-Checkup needs to look at your Income, Expenses, Retirement plans and even Your Children's College Savings.  But it doesn't stop there.  Then, you need to add in current &  future taxes, your Life, Critical and Long Term insurance, and yes, even your Beneficiaries. We Know that these are the little (BIG) things that may not fall into your day-to-day living, but they do require at least–a bi-annual review to determine if your finances are on Track for Long-Term Financial Fitness. 


            Is it Too Early to Plan for  Your                  Financial Future? 


The fact is, It is never too early to begin your retirement plan. The sooner you start, perhaps the sooner you can retire. And, if you haven't begun a plan, then, NOW is the time to start to plan for your future and you know what? It's easier than you may think.

Is your Financial Plan Strong Enough?


Will it withstand the impact of planned and unplanned expenses? Build a predictable financial future and help ensure your financially healthy retirement.

         Are your retirement assets enough . . .                              Are they protected?                                                          

You can Insure that you are retirement ready without having to be financially dependent on others.

Provide a Sense of Security for You & Your Loved Ones with a Professionally and Properly Prepared Revocable Living Trust. 

This insures not only control of your assets while your alive, but also it allows your family has the ability to easily divide assets according to your wishes after you've passed. Anyone who owns real estate or has children or significant assets should consider a revocable living trust. And, we can help you do it professionally (with the assistance of an estate planning attorney for less.  With a trust you are able to:

 *  Insure Privacy    *  Minimize Estate Taxes   *  Hold your assets in Trust

*Have the correct Power of Attorney for Financial & Healthcare Directives

Do You Know The Best Way to Save for College?

Life Insurance That Pays For You To Live!

When Is The Best Time to Take Your Social Security?

Create Your Retirement . . .  Income Tax-Free!