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The Bauers, TX

I. Julio, CA

I. Straun, OH

If you're like most of us near retirement, there comes a time keeping what you have accumulated is more important than what you Might earn in and investment, particularly if it means risking your retirement income.  Robert showed us how to not only guarantee that our funds would never be lost, but that our accounts could still grow similar to what was available in by risking it.  
My entire family has worked with Robert & Deanna for nearly two decades and because of all that we have done together, we are all significantly better off. From the plans we choose to save for our future  (that have all gone in one direction up) to even the impact of the right life insurance  plans to protect our family, they have truly been a "lifesaver."  Today, I am a LIVING example of why it is important to use the right advisors. 
Being introduced to Robert at the right time was what I refer to as my divine intervention. Robert showed me how to secure my retirement accounts which was just in time to avoid losing so much of it when the market collapsed in 2008. Now, I am still seeing my assets increase without risking any of my money. What could've been better?  

Together, we can solve the 5 Most Important Questions About Your Retirement!

1.    Will My Income Last Trhoughout My (Our) Lifetime ?

2.    Is My Retirement Savings Safe From Market Losses?

3.    How Can I keep Broker Fees From Eroding My Retirement Accounts?

4.    Will My Income Be able to Increase to Keep Up with Inflation?

5.    What is the Best Way to Keep Taxes from Eating Up My Income? 

Yes, It Is Possible to Eliminate Broker Fees, Commissions, & Expenses That Eat Away at YOUR Account Balances... But, Continue to Earn Competitive Rates of Returns Tied to an Index Tracking The Market.  When you complete your request, you will Learn Which Annuities can potentially offer you an Increasing Income Guaranteed for life,  NO Matter how long you Live! And, in Most Cases, without any FEEs, Expenses, or  ADVISOR Compensation Deducted From Your Accounts Like Most Other Plans.

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