If you’re like most people, you quickly change the subject. People are so fearful they don’t even want to think about it, but not doing anything is the worst mistake you can make.


Consider these facts: With only 15 percent of today’s employees entitled to a pension, compared with almost 40 percent in 1980, the vast majority of us will rely on a combination of Social Security and savings for our retirement. Yet savings are not only hard to come by, they’re also multiplying at much slower rates. The Standard & Poor 500 – a good indicator of the overall stock market – has returned just 4 percent over the past 10 years.


So what to do? Prepare, prepare, prepare and make some fast, smart adjustments. Here are the 10 biggest retirement mistakes, and how to avoid or fix them.

What do you do when you hear the dreaded question, “Are you Prepared for Retirement?” 


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