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Nearly Half of All Pre-Retirees are Concerned About Their Financial Future*   

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only brought us major health concerns, it is also forcing many people to take a hard look at their finances. A recent study discovered that nearly 68 million workers say COVID-19 has caused them to reconsider their retirement timeline. And, the question is... Should you retire early or delay retirement for as long as you can?

Under the heading of truth be told, more & more Americans are worried about their retirement  compared to only a year ago. The reason... They’ve either had to dip into their savings and/or  retirement funds and there’s greater concern about how much money they will have and how much they will need for retirement.

5-Steps You Can Take Today to help get you back on track for Retirement. 

Review      Protect     Reduce      Eliminate    Discuss

*According to the 2020 Prudential Financial Wellness Census
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